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Is your garbage disposal not working properly anymore? Perhaps it’s humming but not working, or water has begun leaking underneath the unit. It may not even be so obvious, but rather, everything has started working more slowly than it used to. Whatever the problem is, B-N-K Plumbing is here to help with all your garbage disposal replacement and repair needs!

For nearly two decades, we’ve been supplying licensed plumbers to fix your garbage disposal problems – and we’ve been pairing it with the top-notch customer service that keeps people coming back! Our professional plumbers are available 24/7 to help you diagnose, repair or replace your food disposal because we believe everyone deserves functional and working plumbing. Contact us today for a free quote in McHenry, IL, or the surrounding region.

Can I Replace My Garbage Disposal Myself?

Some people consider saving some money on garbage disposal installation costs by replacing the unit themselves. Some expert handymen or those with plumbing experience may be able to get the job done, but we highly recommend hiring a professional. The peace of mind of knowing the unit was installed correctly the first time is well worth the added installation expenses!

A garbage disposal replacement project takes several steps and multiple tools. If you were to do it yourself, you’d need to turn off the power, make all necessary disconnections and remove the numerous included parts. Then, you’d have to install those parts, reconnect everything, turn back on power and dispose of the new unit. It’s a big task that can easily be messed up if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Thankfully, our licensed plumbers have extensive experience in this task! We can accurately inspect, diagnose, repair or replace your garbage disposal with minimal downtime. Plus, we offer a wide range of other plumbing services, so we can fix all related problems in one visit!

A new garbage disposal is being installed beneath a sink

How Garbage Disposal Replacement Works with B-N-K Plumbing

When your garbage disposal stops working, it can slow your cleaning routine and cause frustration. Our primary goal is to fix the problem quickly and efficiently so you can return to your regular routine.

When you contact us for a garbage disposal replacement or repair, you can expect the process to look like this:

Transparent Consultation

We’ll arrive at your home as soon as possible to discuss your concerns and thoroughly inspect your garbage disposal.

Honest Estimate

Before we begin repairs (or replacement), we’ll provide an honest estimate and explain in detail what needs to be done.

Quick Repairs

Once you sign off on the project, we’ll quickly and efficiently make repairs so you can resume using your garbage disposal.

Courteous Check-In

Our technician will check in with you once the work is complete to explain what was done and answer any questions.

Comprehensive Clean-Up

We treat your house like ours, meaning we’ll clean up our work area, so it’s like we were never there.

Ongoing Support

We’ll be here to support you if problems arise after we leave or you have any questions moving forward!

Why Choose B-N-K Plumbing for Your Food Disposal Replacement Needs?

At B-N-K Plumbing, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional work paired with honest communication and the utmost respect for you. That’s why, when you choose us, you’ll reap numerous benefits like:

Extensive Experience

Our decades of plumbing experience means we’ve seen every problem and know how to fix it effectively.

Honest Communication

We’ll communicate openly and honestly at every point of the process, so you’ll never feel out of the loop.

Dependable Support

Our technicians are here to support you by answering your questions or returning for free if the problem persists.

Quality Products

We only use the highest-quality replacement parts, so your new garbage disposal is sure to last for many years!

Hear From Our Previous Garbage Disposal Replacement Customers

We can tell you how honest, dependable and high quality our work is as much as we want. But we’re consumers, too, so we don’t expect you to simply take our word for it! Instead, you can hear about our plumbing services and customer support from a few of our many pleased customers below!

“Brendan and Kaden replaced our garbage disposal today. They were on time, knowledgeable, friendly and professional. Very impressed.” – Dana Pletcher, 5-Star Google Review

“We called 3 plumbers before BNK, they each promised to call us back soon but did not. After a week we had the pleasure of calling BNK. The dispatcher said she could send a plumber to replace our disposal that afternoon and that she would call when he was on his way. She did! Trevor showed up, replaced the disposal, and even checked a couple other pieces of equipment while here. He was tidy, friendly, and explained how the system worked.” – Jim O’Hagan, 5-Star Google Review

“Trevor did a great job, he came out and diagnosed the problem and was able to install the new disposal and was informative on maintenance and how to avoid future issues.” – Greg Peck, 5-Star Google Review

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