Pricing Estimates for Our Affordable Plumbing Services

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Have you been searching online for “affordable plumbers near me” but are frustrated because nobody lists prices? We get it! You want to have an idea of how much things cost so you can determine which company provides the best affordable plumbing services.

At B-N-K Plumbing, we value honesty and transparency. We want to make all your interactions with our company the best they can be, even when you’re only interacting with our website. That’s why we’ve listed the starting prices for our most popular services below.

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Cost Estimates for Common Services

How much will it cost to have our licensed local plumbers install a new faucet or water heater? What if you need your toilet repaired? We answer these questions below and offer valuable information on what’s included in our affordable plumbing services and what might increase base pricing.

Faucet Installation Pricing

Starting at $165

This service includes the installation of an owner-provided kitchen faucet, along with the removal of the existing one. If needed, we also supply 20” water supplies. We include a 90-day labor warranty on the installation, but faucet warranties are provided by the manufacturer.

Prices may be higher for complex installations or additional work (like repairs) necessary to ensure the faucet is in good working order.

Water Heater Installation Pricing

Starting at $1,248

Graphic showing the starting prices of our plumbing services

This service includes a new Rheem 40-gallon tall standard gas water heater. Installation, removal of existing unit and certain necessary parts are included in the price. The provided water heater comes with a 6-year manufacturer’s limited warranty, and we offer an additional 1-year warranty on labor.

Additional charges may be warranted in homes where upgrades are necessary to meet local codes. Variations in water heater models and unexpected complications can also increase pricing.

Toilet Installation Pricing

Starting at $250

This service includes the installation of an owner-provided standard two-piece toilet. Also included is the removal of your existing toilet. We provide a 90-day warranty on our labor, but the manufacturer provides the toilet warranty.

The water shut-off and flooring must be in good condition to install a new toilet. Certain circumstances, like complex toilet systems or additional part repairs, may increase costs.

Toilet Repair Pricing

Starting at $165

This service includes a universal fill valve and universal flapper, both covered under the manufacturer’s warranty. We also include a 90-day labor warranty.

Needing complex parts or a more complete standard tank rebuild may increase costs. These will be discussed before the project is completed so you know exactly what to expect. (All additional fees for any of our affordable plumbing services are discussed in advance, so you’re never caught unaware.)

Sump Pump Installation Pricing

Starting at $450

This service includes the installation of a 1/3 horsepower submersible cast iron sump pump and removing the existing one. Pricing is based on using your existing sump pump piping. Service is covered by a 1-year labor warranty, while a 2-year manufacturer warranty covers parts.

Needing new piping or more complex repairs may result in additional costs. Variations in the sump pump model installed can also increase costs.

Ejector Pump Installation Pricing

Starting at $775

This service includes a new sewer ejector pump. Removal of the old ejector pump and installation of the new one using existing discharge piping is included. Labor is covered by a 1-year warranty, and a 3-year manufacturer warranty covers parts.

The installation of new discharge piping can increase costs. Unexpected or complex repairs, as well as higher-quality ejector pump models, can also increase the total price of this service.

Are These Affordable Plumbing Prices Accurate Quotes?

These prices are generalized quotes or starting prices that can help give you an idea of what you may expect to pay. The price includes exactly what’s been listed, but your price may be slightly different. For the most accurate service quote for your unique needs, we suggest contacting us for a quote.

Why Shouldn’t I Choose Any Cheap Plumbing Services?

It may be tempting to choose a plumbing company based on who offers the cheapest services. But it’s important to remember that you get what you pay for, and cheap doesn’t necessarily equal good work. Instead, look for affordable plumbing that is roughly the standard cost for your area. Then, find one with a reputation for being fair, transparent, honest and dedicated to top-notch customer service.

At B-N-K Plumbing, we’re proud to check all these boxes. When you choose us for your 24/7 plumbing needs, you know you’re in good hands!

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