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Tired of unclogging your shower drain or waiting for your kitchen sink to drain so slowly that you can’t get anything done? B-N-K is here to help with dependable drain services that will get your pipes flowing optimally again!

Since 2005, we’ve provided dedicated plumbing services that have left our customers satisfied and coming back when they have another issue. Our professional team members are ready 24/7 to help you clean, unclog or replace your drains because everyone deserves functional and working plumbing. Contact us today for a free quote and let us know how we can help you!

Why Hire a Plumber for Drain Problems?

It’s never a good sign when your drains move slowly or have water backing up into your sink or shower. Not only is it annoying, but it also leads to standing water, which can become a health problem if it’s not fixed. Stagnant water is a breeding ground for dangerous bacteria – including those originating from raw sewage.

Hiring professional plumbers for your drain service at the start of the problem is a much safer and more effective method. At B-N-K Plumbing, we have the knowledge to do our job without damaging your pipes – and our experience helps us understand if something more than a clog may be amiss. When you hire us for a professional drain service, we’ll provide ongoing support every step of the way. A few of the things we can help you with include:

  • Mainline sewer clog issues
  • Clogged drains/Drain snaking
  • Routine drain cleaning
  • Drain/pipe repair or replacement

If the problem is more widespread, we offer other services, like plumbing leak repair. So, no matter how big or small the problem is, we’re prepared to handle it!

clogged sink in need of a drain service

How A Drain Cleaning Service Works With B-N-K Plumbing

When the drains in your kitchen, laundry room or bathroom start to slow down, it can be frustrating. Acting quickly can make the difference between a small, quickly fixed problem and a much bigger, challenging problem.

We encourage you to contact us as soon as you notice an issue so we can quickly help your life return to normal. When you contact us for a drain service, you can expect the straightforward process to look like this:

Honest Consultation

We’ll come to your home to assess your issue and listen attentively to your concerns. A technician will arrive on time and perform a detailed inspection to determine the root cause of your clogged drain.

Transparent Estimate

Before we do anything, we’ll discuss the root cause of your problem and explain in detail what needs to be done. We’ll provide a transparent quote and answer any questions you have about our drain service.

Effective Repairs

Once you sign off on the project, a licensed plumber will quickly get to work remedying the problem. You can expect repairs to take between 20 minutes and two hours, depending on how extensive the problem is.

Thoughtful Check-In

When our technician has completed the repairs, they’ll check in with you to review what was done to ensure you’re satisfied. We can also provide information on how to prevent the problem from recurring.

Thorough Clean-Up

We treat your house like our house. That means we’ll thoroughly clean up our work area before leaving. Once we’re finished cleaning up, the area where we performed our work will be immaculate!

Lasting Support

We’re just a call away if you encounter any problems after we leave! We’ll return to make any necessary fixes free of charge. Or, if you have any questions about the issue or work done, we can answer those, too!

Why Choose B-N-K Plumbing for Your Drain Service Needs?

At B-N-K Plumbing, we treat your house like our house. That means we provide your home and you with the utmost respect and honesty throughout every step of our simple plumbing service process. Plumbing done with respect and integrity comes with many benefits, including:


We have decades of plumbing and drain service experience to rely on when fixing problems or answering your questions.


You’ll always receive honest, open communication from us before, during and after we provide our services.


Our dependable technicians are here to support you, including returning for free if the problem persists.


Each and every one of our experienced technicians treats you and your home with the utmost respect.

Hear From Our Previous Drain Service Customers

We can tell you how honest, dependable and experienced our company is as much as we want, but we think our customers say it best! Hear from a few of our many previous drain service customers below!

“Brendan came out to service each one of my properties. Both times he was super professional and knowledgeable. I will be requesting this company for any future issues.” – Karen Morgan, 5-Star Google Review

“This company is professional and the employees are knowledgeable. Will recommend to all my friends, family, & co-workers for all their plumbing concerns. Brendan has amazing customer service skills & gets the job done in a timely manner.” – Katlyn Rodriguez, 5-Star Google Review

“Brendan was quick, friendly, fixed our problem, and the company was great about letting us know when our technician would be there so we weren’t waiting about. Highly recommend!” – Susan Oldenburg, 5-Star Google Review

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